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Famous Churches in Dublin and Throughout Ireland

Famous Churches in Dublin and Throughout Ireland

Christchurch_Cathedral_2008With religion and religious traditions being such a huge part of the Irish life, it only makes sense there there would be many significant churches throughout the country. Of course, even Dublin has its fair share of them. Visitors to Dublin and other parts of Ireland at least may want to visit one or two of them because they have become renowned for their architecture and history.

There are many attributes that they possess that make them into iconic landmarks: featuring different styles and built over different periods of time, here are some of the must-see:

Christ Church Cathedral

Truly a magnificent piece of work. It has its home on a hill that takes in the view of the rest of Dublin – it couldn’t be located in any better place. This church goes all the way back to the eleventh century, making it one of the most ancient buildings in Dublin.

St. Patrick’s Cathedral

Many visitors who have the opportunity to visit Christ Church and St. Patrick’s are hard pressed to say which is more magnificent. Some say the deciding factor is in the interiors – St. Patrick’s for many takes the lead in that category. Although it hasn’t been around as long as Christ Church it still holds a great deal of importance for Dublin.

St. Audoen’s Church

Enjoy the wildly different architectural style of a church that has not been refurbished like some of the others. This holds the record of being the oldest church that is still being used for its original purpose.

John Lane’s Church

While this place may be lacking in some of the history and architectural beauty department, it is being classed as significant because of its steeple. And it does now hold bells, which it did not when originally constructed (in 1874, over the site of a former hospital).

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