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Understanding Christianity in Ireland

The posts contained on this site are not meant to specifically focus on any type of religion in particular. Some are dedicated to the Roman Catholic religion, while others highlight the different aspects of the protestant denominations. The information, on the whole, revolves around Christianity and the role it plays throughout Ireland – with a special focus being put on Dublin in a few cases.

Dublin is the home of many beautiful churches, for all different denominations. These are of such importance that a post has been specifically written to talk about just a few of the many that are held in reverence by both residents and visitors alike.

The information found here is of a general nature and meant to merely enlighten the readers as to what religion is like and how it is considered in Ireland. Some of the focus is on the different doctrines, having moved from being staunch and rigid to more liberal. There is information here about sacred music and how important it is in the Irish culture.

This site is not meant to preach or coerce anyone into following a specific belief, but is meant as a source for basic education about how a country like Ireland has passed through time in regards to religious culture.

Hopefully, you will find that the information available here will act as an encouragement to entice you to visit Ireland. If it does, you will want to set up a few visits to some of the wonderful churches that can be found in Dublin. They are surely something you will not want to miss.