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What Are Evangelical Movements?

What Are Evangelical Movements?

Denver Community Church averages as many as 1500 in weekly attendance across two locations. They are the latest evangelical church to become LGBT affirming. Photo courtesy of Denver Community ChurchEvangelicalism is part of Christianity, and holds the main belief that the doctrine to be followed is one of being saved by grace. Followers often refer to themselves as being “born again”. John Wesley, who founded Methodism, is also believed to be the one religious leader that started the evangelical movement. Evangelicalism has spread across the world and many parts of Ireland – including Dublin – are home to some of its churches.

This is a big change for Ireland, when one looks back in time and sees that the predominant religion was the Roman Catholic Church. During the period when this religion was at its strongest, those that believed in the evangelical movements were shunned. This has changed and could partly be due to the variety of immigrants that have moved into the country and have brought their own religious beliefs with them outside of the Catholic Church.

Many of these movements that have set roots in the country and have started churches have not declared themselves to be under any one denomination. In these cases they are referred to as inter-denominational.

While evangelical movements are viewed as religious organizations, they can also be perceived as social movements. Generally speaking, those that are following the evangelical teachings are free to do so throughout Ireland and these groups are often welcomed because of their good nature and enthusiasm and love for music, which warms the heart of anyone of Irish descent.

Some of the evangelical movements are small in the numbers that make up their congregation and as such rather than form a traditional type Church they adopt fellowships. Some worry that these movements are some form of cult, but when one clearly understands and researches the doctrine of the evangelists then they are able to discern quickly that this is not the case.

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