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What Does Protestantism Mean?

What Does Protestantism Mean?

800px-WycliffeYeamesLollards_01While many individuals are members of the Catholic Church, even in Northern Ireland, the majority of people there are recorded as being members of the different denominations of the Protestant church.

Protestantism came about because followers of the Catholic Church were dissatisfied or felt that there were errors in the doctrine of what the Roman Catholic Church was teaching. Protestants throughout the different denominations have set their own doctrine that is close in some ways and distant in others to that of the Catholics.

In general, in Christianity one of the main doctrines is that individuals are not saved by good deeds: salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ – who paid with his life the price for the sins of mankind. For the majority of the Christian faith the Bible dating back to the King James version is believed to be the only source that holds any authority. This differs from those religions that base their following on the tradition of their chosen churches.

When it comes to the differences of being saved by faith and being saved by works, Christian followers believe that good works are part of the mandate for being a Christian but it is not merely good works that they can count on to enter the kingdom of heaven.

Christians also believe in the creed of three persons of being God the father, Jesus the son, and the Holy Spirit all being one God. The Christian church on the whole has split into denominations while following the mainstay of the Christian doctrine. Some have had some discrepancies where this has led them to form their own specific denomination still coming under the umbrella of Christianity, and some have branched out to where they are classing themselves as non-denominational.

Many Christians feel that they have the freedom to choose the specific denomination within the Christianity realm that they have formed the opinion that it carries the doctrine that they choose to believe.

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