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What is the Roman Catholic Religion All About?

What is the Roman Catholic Religion All About?

church-of-the-holy-cross-in-warsaw-roman-catholicThe Roman Catholic Church is the cornerstone and the foundation of the Roman Catholic religion. Both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland have a prevalence of Catholics, as they are called for short.

The leader of the Roman Catholic followers is the Pope, with its seat in Vatican City. This religious denomination has around 1.27 billion followers worldwide. Vatican City, an enclave within the city of Rome, Italy, is the smallest sovereign state in the world, and the center of the Catholic Church – the one and only true Church of Jesus Christ, according to doctrine.

The rules in the Church stem from the teachings of Jesus Christ itself, as noted in the Gospel texts, with various transformations over the millennia – much of them included for political reasons. There is a rigid chain of command in place in the Catholic Church. It begins with the Pope as being the ultimate leader – he is also a head of state.

The Catholic Church is an extremely strong entity both financially and for its influence on society and politics alike. It has held this power for millennia and there is nothing to indicate that this will change. The Catholic Church has been challenged on several different occasions about some of its beliefs that are to be upheld by all Roman Catholics but has remained grounded in holding on to them firmly – abortion, same sex marriages and divorce are still among the most discussed topics among Catholics

The doctrine of the Catholic Church is overseen by Canon Law. It is up to the various levels of leadership to follow through, but especially uphold this.

In Ireland as well as other countries where the Catholic faith is being followed through, Catholic churches are known as Dioceses which are then separated off into individual Parishes. Each of these are spearheaded by a Bishop which rules over the Parish Priests.

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